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 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月26日(月)20時29分45秒
  30/3: the bricks they dropped これが視界に入った瞬間、何を考えるかということが大事ですね。
30:6: There wasn’t a single passenger on the ship who didn’t know. 例文としてメモですかね。
30/7: The contempt they had for you and the kindness they went out of their way to show me. 英文解釈を。
30:12: Now that at last she need not wear the mask of indifference and pride that she had forced herself to assume she cast aside all reserve and all self-control. 英文解釈を。
30/34: Nothing that concerned me was at stake. Courage is the obvious virtue of the
stupid. 前半は否定の問題、後半は基本的な文法問題の適用可能性の問題。
31:2: You’ve given away everything you stood for, everything we both stand for.
31/14: You of all people hadn’t the right to be a coward. 英文解釈を。
31/18: They never stopped looking for a chance to turn and rend us and you gave it to them. 英文解釈を。 とにかく、分からなかったら辞書を引くことです。ところが、ここにも問題があったりしますね。諸君は問題ないでしょうけど。
32:1: When I saw the fear in your eyes that day, when you told me that you weren’t
going to risk your life for a kept woman and her half-caste brats, I was shattered. 英文解釈を。



 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月25日(日)20時20分30秒
  30/1: with all the officers knowing, and even the Chinese stewards  ここのwithをどう考えたか?
30/2: And at Singapore, the way people looked at us at the hotel, and the sympathy I had to put up with, the bricks they dropped and their embarrassment when they realized what they’d done. My God, I could have killed them. 文法を押さえ、英文解釈を。
30/9: The misery of seeing you so chatty and agreeable. 英文解釈
31/16: Us and all we stood for. 英文解釈
31/26: I should never have thought you capable of it. ここのcapable は文法的に何?
32/6: The mere thought of anything else makes me feel physically sick. 英文解釈
32/23: I must tell you the truth, I have only contempt for you and repulsion.
32/29: blindly stumbling she rushed to the door and ran out.にけるblindlyをどう考えましたか?


 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月19日(月)20時04分23秒
26/16: you should have taken it 昨日のコメントの一部ですが、代名詞を押さえること
26/34: For your wife’s sake as well as for your own I do not wish you to leave the
colony with the stigma of being dismissed from the Service for cowardice. 前半部分は高1レベルか?
27/3: If I resign I admit that I committed an error and that the charge you make against me is justified. I don’t admit it. もう一度admitの感覚を辞書で確認しましょう。重要単語。
27/17: I’m sorry, Torel, that this unhappy incident should have deprived the Government of a servant whose zeal has always been so apparent and whose tact, intelligence, and industry seemed to point him out in the future for very high office.
27/25: Against stupidity the gods themselves battle in vain.
27/34: It was designed to put them at their ease. 和訳を。英文から目を離さない。
28/5: One man, though he knew perfectly, asked him what he was doing in Port
Wallace. 文構造の確認と和訳。
28/14: The only thing is to let him stew in his own juice. どこか慣用表現ではないかという鼻が利かないとだめですね。それが実践です。
28/16: When the Governor’s secretary had told his chief as much of this as he
thought discreet, the Governor smiled. 簡単そうで、構造すら取れていない人もいるかもしれません。とにかく基礎です。
28/18: I would rather have shot myself than go to the club just then and face all those fellows. 英文解釈。助動詞の理解。
28/20: A fortnight later, having sold to the incoming D.O. all the decorations that
Anne had taken so much trouble about, with the rest of their things in
packing-cases and trunks, they arrived at Port Wallace to await the local
steamer that was to take them to Singapore. 初見で読めなければ、諦めずに分析的読んでいきましょう。
29/1: You would have thought she had not a care in the world. 文法を押さえたうえでの英文解釈。
29/23: Suddenly she started, for the door opened and Alban came in. ここのstartedの後にカンマがありますよね。誤植ではありません。では、どう読むのか?


 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月18日(日)20時18分24秒
  26/3: My back is broad enough to bear the ridicule of persons to whose opinion I am entirely indifferent. 英文解釈
26/15: As it turns out, the risk was very small, but whatever it was, I think you should have taken it. 英文解釈ですが、初見の段階で時制に意識が行ったかどうか?
26/30: If you’ll take my advice you’ll go home. 英検2級のレベルですね。
27/2: I’m not prepared to avail myself of the opportunity. 英文解釈と文法に着目すべし。
27/13: Have you any objection to my going to the club and having tiffin before I go?
27/27: With his head in the air, a smile on his lips, Alban left the Governor’s office.
27/31: It must have wanted some nerve. 英文解釈
27/34: It was designed to put them at their ease. 英文解釈
28/1: , and all who had resented his superciliousness, and they were the majority, were triumphant because his pride had had a fall. 文の途中からですが、構造は大丈夫ですか?
28/18: I would rather have shot myself than go to the club just then and face all those fellows. 英文解釈
29/2: She seemed in great spirits at going home. 短いですけど英文解釈
29/6: The next day but one, after dinner,  まさかと思うけど、念のための確認です。
29/17: And now, now that they were back in London and Sondurah was nine
thousand miles away, she clenched her hands as she thought of it. Somehow, it seemed the worst thing of all.英文の構造と英文解釈
29:31: I’ve stuck it out till now. I made up my mind I would till we got home.




 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月12日(月)21時50分10秒
  22/13: was a white man. ここの部分の文法的な説明を考えてください。
22/18: ‘Smerige flikkers! Vervloekte ploerten!’ オランダ人が叫んでいるところで、英語にとって外国語なので、今回はカットしてもいいです。
22/32: very much at seaとはどういう意味?
22/34: Riot be damned. どういう意味。何を手掛かりに考えますか?
23/1: you can take your damned policemen home again ここの意味は?
23/4: There’s nothing to understand ここは、どう考えますか?
23/20: his coils of fat 頭の中にどのような映像が出てますか?
23/25: He never thought they would. ここの意味は?
24/2: The launch that brought it was to take him and he was able to see Anne on the way down for no more than an hour. 英文解釈。
24/9: I would offer to take you along, darling, only I shan’t stay a minute longer than I need. ここのonlyは何?
25/6: He very nearly gave him a lead. 英文解釈。
25/25: He was quite convinced of the Tightness 【誤植:Tightness→rightness】



 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月11日(日)21時20分29秒
  22/6: We’ve caught the blighters asleep. 文法的に説明してください。
22/7: He lined up his men. 英文解釈。意外と有名な所有格。
22/15: A very big, very fat man, in khaki trousers and a singlet, was running towards them as fast as his fat legs would carry him and as he ran shaking both fists at them and yelling英文解釈
23/19: he laughed with the big belly laugh of a very fat man and his coils of fat heaved and shook. 英文解釈
23/33: he was obliged to install himself in the coolie lines he thought it better that Anne should not join him. 英文解釈
23/34: He sent her a note to that effect. ここでのeffectの使い方は大学受験レベル。
24/4: I don’t know why the Governor can’t leave me to get things straight without dragging me off like this. 英文解釈
24/19: He was at once shown in to the secretary’s room. このin toのような表現をどう処理するのか?
24/25: The secretary was not exactly come-hither. 誤植もさることながら、何が文法的に重要でしょうか?この春に言及済。
25/19: If the officers of this Government had hesitated to take unjustifiable risks it
would never have become a province of the British Empire. 英文解釈
25/26: He repeated, but more fully, what he had said in the first place to Anne. 英文解釈


 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2018年 3月 6日(火)23時41分0秒
  現代の英文法 7 形容詞




 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月 5日(月)21時02分31秒
  18/1: You don’t think we could get up unobserved. 英文解釈。何が問題なのでしょう。
18/19: You can’t do nothing ここでの意味は?
18:31: What sort of a damned fool do you take me for? 英文解釈。まずはforの正体を掴むことでしょう。
19:19: He felt that he had done all that was possible and nothing remained but for him to carry on normally. 英文解釈。油断するなかれ、andの機能。
19/23: He took it that Anne had accepted the wisdom of his decision. ここの言いたいことは何ですか?
19/24: He was as amusing, cordial, and gay with her as he had always been. 英文解釈。最後の単語の機能は?
19/33: and he went out of his way to be nice to him. 英文解釈。
20:14: For the last two days she had had to exercise all her self-control not to cry.ここのexerciseは?
20/31: Alban put him in possession of the facts. 英文解釈。
21/13: He would have been a fool not to accept it. ポイントは何?
21:25: After they had gone for about three hours by launch they took to the dug-outs and in them silently paddled up-stream. 英文解釈。躓く原因は基本単語です。


 投稿者:管理人(せっかちなカタツムリ)  投稿日:2018年 3月 4日(日)21時26分22秒
  18/7: I can’t persuade myself that your assistance in a crisis would be very valuable.
18/14: Alban went into a little hall they had to get his topee. 英語の構造と単語ひとつひとつを疎かにしない態度の確認です。
19/1: ‘If you only knew what a complete contempt I have for the opinion of
everyone in the colony.’ 英文解釈の前に英語の構造の確認。そして、確認の順番を間違えないように。ちょうど算数の3×(4+5)における四則計算のように、何を優先するのか、ときにある経験による手を抜いた考えが蔓延することをここで確認することになります。
19:22: He appeared to have forgotten that they had had the first serious difference of opinion in the whole of their married life. 英文解釈
20/22: Here I am, with my army all full of pep and ready for a scrap.のscrap。今回また出てきます。
20/33: In your place I should never have been able to resist the temptation to take my eight cops and have a whack at the blighters myself. 英文解釈
21/4: Captain Stratton was all for steaming straight up the river and attacking at once, but Alban pointed out to him the inadvisability of such a course. 英文解釈。分からなくなったらとにかく、基礎に戻ること。変なことをしない。暴走しない。
21/29: They had twice to ford a stream. このレベルで躓く人もいます。とにかく基礎です。

Basic English

 投稿者:管理人  投稿日:2018年 3月 3日(土)11時18分15秒
  前回言及したBasic English が昭和の時代の受験参考書にも普通に出てきました。英語で飯を食べてくためにとことん広く、深く学んでいきましょう!